The Ackademy, located in Central City, is home to the largest congregation of magic scholars in the world. Carefully selected professors, known throughout the magic community as the leaders of their respective fields, teach their theories and principles, as well as the very basic fundamentals of magic, to priveleged and gifted youths, who are either rich enough to pay their way into the Ackademy, or skilled enough to be chosen by a professor for enrollment.

The Ackademy employs many professors to teach advanced magic classes to those who are qualified, as well as offering research grants to numerous scholars, that they might discover new forms of magic or uncover lost knowledge and thus further the goal of higher learning.

While not everyone is eligible for enrollment, visitors are not only welcome, but encouraged, and all areas of the grounds save for the upper classrooms are open to the public, including the extensive library, which houses some of the most influential and controversial publications of the arcane community.

The Ackademy, while the most outstanding public example of the magical community, does not have any real power within it, and is not recognized as an authority by any standing council heirarchy.

The Ackademy grounds are arranged so that the entry to the building itself is facing the city, while its back wall is the outermost edge. Between the city itself and the Ackademy's front door is a lawn roughly 100 meters long, with finely manicured grass, lined with elegantly trimmed hedges, with a line of trees through its center, and long, rectangular reflecting pools to either side.