Feduran Village is a modern village on the Eastern Continent.

It is mostly of a pure breed furry village but over time they have humans living among the village. The school here teaches the art of magic. The village sits near the ocean and was founded by the Souya Family 300 years ago.

Yuuji Souya is the current leader of Feduran Village. He has ruled over Feduran Village for almost 50 years. The current heir to the village is his illegitimate daughter, Kasumi "Konacha" Mitsukai, who will become the leader on her 20th Birthday. The laws of the land state that the leader's first born shall become leader unless the heir dies before the 20th birthday.

Feduran Village is currently in a cold civil war. The people of the village no longer want a leader to rule the village as in older times but the Souya Family does not want to give up the power. Due to the power and influence of the Souya Family has on the local government, it has not caused a uprising.