The Iron Fist Martial Arts League is the largest organization in the world for martial artists. Every professional fighter is aware of the league, and most of the strongest fighters are members. Nearly every major city in the world has an outpost of the Iron Fist League. The current King of the Fist is Raikou.

The main distinction between the Iron Fist League and other pro fighting circuits is the lack of weight classes and no-holds-barred style of matches. The only ways for a person to win a fight in the Iron Fist events are via knockout or decision, if the match is taken past the final round. Because of these limitations, fewer people actually join the circuit, for fear that if facing a merciless opponent, they could suffer serious injuries that would end their fighting career (or their life) early.

Every year, the Iron Fist League holds two tournaments: the King of the Fist tournament in the summer and the Two-on-Two Tag-Team Tournament in the winter. These tournaments are invitation only and the usage of weapons, armor, and magic are all forbidden. Most professional fighters believe these two tournaments to show who the strongest people on the planet are.

Known MembersEdit