Kohaku City (琥珀シティ)is a metropolitan city located on the Eastern Continent, specifically, Japan. It is referred to as "the Central City of the Eastern Continent."

The literal translation of Kohaku City is "Amber City", and was intended to be created as a sort of utopia, and to many, it seems as such. There are two major sections to Kohaku City, the Outer Rim and the Slums. The two sections of the city are so different it has earned the nickname "Kokuhaku City" (コクハクシティ) from some of its inhabitants. This nickname can mean either "Black and White", "Right and Wrong", "cruelty", or "confession". Due to the influence from the Outer Rim, most of the world knows nothing about the slums.

The Outer RimEdit

People who live on the Outer Rim are wealthy, powerful, and intelligent. They have among the highest standards of living in the world. The Outer Rim is usually what characters are referring to when they mention "Kohaku City". There are areas of varying wealth in the Outer Rim, and the most wealthy of people reside in the northernmost area of the town. The Southern edge of the Outer Rim is the shoreline with a massive port, which is one of the busiest and most influential ports in the entire planet, and easily the largest center of trade in the Eastern Continent. Currently, there are no active characters who come from or have visited the Outer Rim.

The SlumsEdit

The middle of the city houses a massive slum where there is little to no electricity or plumbing. The slums are isolated from the rest of the city because anything born there is seen as the scum of the planet. There is no legal class mobility for residents of the slums. In the slums there are few jobs, none of which pay well, and a large number of street gangs. The people living in the slums are mostly forced to live off of the leftovers of the residents of the Outer Rim. Raikou Kyosei was born in the Slums of Kohaku City, but this fact is withheld from the general public, only his manager is aware of it.