Lance the Hedgehog
Lance the Hedgehog

Personal Info
Name Lance the Hedgehog
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 3"9'
Weight 106 pounds
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Family Silk the Cat (Not blood related)
Status Active
Ability Name
  • Stealth
  • Throw
  • Upper-CUT
Lance the Hedgehog is a character made by a TSF member that goes by the same name.

Even if Lance may look like a rough, mean guy, he is actually realy caring, he would do almost anything for his friends, unless it ruins his own plans.


since his mother was brutally destroyed, Lance have never liked Echidnas (even if he is part Echidna) so whenever he gets an reason, how small and stupid it is, he kills them. But that dose not make him cold hearted, because he always helps out the ones that need it, except for Echidnas and Hedgehogs because his father left him then he was three and that was the only Hedgehog he had ever known, so it caused an miss trust in Hedgehogs, He also has an extreme respect for his elders since his Master in the dojo was an really old fox that knew more then anybody else in his childhood. Also he can easily get the trust of most slum thief's since he understand why they steal and because he usually hires them for finding info about Chaos Emeralds for him.

Also he's got an mighty attitude because of the time he lived in the slums of Entero and had to steal for a living.
Every time he fights, he loses control and becomes obsessed with winning, he don't care about his injuries and continues to fight until he wins or collapses of exhaustion. He loves to impress on beautiful women's. One of his trademarks are that he always have this smile on his face, it's probably cause his parents died and he don't want to be sad again, for some reason it seems like it makes people annoyed.