SINs (Servant Immortals of the Netherwold) are the creations of the lord of Hell, Damien.

When a damned soul is sent to Hell, it undergoes a screening process at the gates. A soul that committed heinous crimes in lifes, or exhibited exceptional skill, is offered a chance to escape their punishment in exchange for servitude. SINs are generals in Hell's army, given extraordinary powers and immortality. They are bound to serve their master or suffer the destruction of their soul, and they must carry out their orders without question.

Form of PowerEdit

A SIN has two forms: their "Human" form and their True form. The Human form is limited in power, but able to pass into the mortal realm without being detected. Outside of Hell, the SIN cannot take its true form unless its limiting factors are removed by another. If they are defeated in the mortal realm, they return to Hell to recover.

The True form of a SIN is the shape of their crimes, the horrible truth of their evil soul. They are significantly more powerful in this form, matched only by a Virtue of Heaven.

Seven Deadly SINsEdit

There are countless SINs in Hell's service, but there are seven in particular who are deemed more dangerous, more loyal, and more powerful than any others.


A man of slender, feminine figure and catlike grace, with long hair and soft features, the SIN known as Lust toys with his prey's desires, seducing them and sending visions of pleasure, then devouring them when they are vulnerable. While his Human form is not particularly effective in combat, his True form, a writhing mass of mouths and tentacles, is capable of restraining numerous enemies without difficulty.





The SIN known as Wrath was once the angel Rafael, slain by another angel and dragged with him into Hell. Wrath wields an enormous scythe whose entire shaft is coated in thorns. Easily the most powerful SIN, Wrath serves not Damien, but his mother, Lucifer.



No-Man's LandEdit

A SIN who does not obey orders or is deemed somehow defective is first sent to No-Man's Land, a vast desert with only ignorant souls who do not respond to torture. It is a place of punishment, where a SIN is made to learn the consequences of their actions before being pressed into service again. Should they still prove rebellious, the SIN's soul is destroyed.

Current Residents of No-Man's LandEdit

  • Malice
  • Slander
  • Fear
  • Rage
  • Insanity