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July 21st

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Turkish Angora


104 cm


27.3 kg

Sunlight Cian Aurealis is a character created by xXStarXx, a member of The Sonic Factory.

She is quite an avid reasearcher of demons and has a pendant that gives her the ability to summon them.


Her fur is long, silky-smooth and golden orange in color. Her ears are triangular and pointed. Her eyes are large and golden in color. One of them is covered by hair that goes down a little past her shoulders. Her hair is very long, going down to her knees. Her muzzle is white and she has a small pink nose that is shaped like an upside down triangle. She has a fluffly tail. She wears a scarlet, sleeveless jacket. The two sides meet in a V-shape. They meet at her chest and it is tied with a golden ribbon that ends past her waist. The jacket ends to about her knees. Underneath the jacket, she wears a white tank top. Also she has an old pendant that hangs around her neck and is hidden under her tank top. She wears a white skirt that has a golden ring on the left side. It goes down to just above her feet. There is also a slit in it that goes all the way down on the left side. She wears white gloves that start a close to her elbow. Scarlet belts with gold buckle secure the gloves on each arm. The gloves end just before her fingertips with gray edges. She also wears a gold bangle on each arm. Her shoes are white with gray on the bottom. She wears scarlet belts with golden buckles just above her shoes.


At first she comes off as cold or shy to strangers. She only speaks to them once spoken to. She is not very good at making friends because she doesn't know how. Plus, she is not very trusting of others at first. During her childhood she has been isolated from others and barely had the chance to make friends, since her family would constantly move from place to place. The only people she has strong attachments to are her family members. She enjoys reading, especially about myths and legends. Stories like that have always intrigued her since she was a child. When it comes to research, she works with vigor and is very passionate about the subjects she studies. It is not easy to make her angry or upset, except when it comes to her research. She doesn't like those who get in her way or try to ruin her research. Since she is a researcher, she is very curious by nature, and likes to seek adventure. With her never-ending curiousity, it's easy for her to find trouble at times. Once she gets close to someone, one would find that she is not as cold as her appearance can let on. She is very kind-hearted and can be quite playful. She is an observer, and may make hasty judgements about other people based on appearances. Although this may be a bad thing, she believes to have good judgement.



Sunlight was born in a small town in the middle of a desert during one of her father's excavations. Ever since she was small, her family travelled from town to town in the vast desert due to her father's work. He dug up the sands in search of new relics and artifacts. Because of her life in the desert, she is used to hot temperatures and the blazing sun. But also due to the constant travels of her family, she does not have any close childhood friends or people she is particularly close to outside her family.

Her mother and brother took care of her most of the time when she was very young. She did not really get to see her father much since he would be out searching the sands. When her brother turned 16, he joined their father in his digs. So, during those years she spent most of the time with her mother.

During this time she grew a strong attachment to her mother. On her 12th birthday her mother gave her a very old pendant, that had been passed down in the family for many generations. The pendant was unique and it was said to have a special power. Circles are engraved near the edge of the pendant with a larger odd-looking circle engraved in its center. Sunlight happily accepted it as a good luck charm and wore it around her neck always ever since.

Days of ResearchEdit

The pendant piqued her curiousity and she wanted to do everything within her power to discover the "special power" her mother spoke of. Was it even true? She studied the pendant for a long time. She wanted to know how old it was, but that was no good, for there were no leads. The only clue would be the odd-looking symbol in the center. What could it have meant? It looked like some kind of magic circle.

She read many books to try to find a magic circle that would match to see what meaning would lie behind it, but all the books in her home did not have any circles that matched the one on the pendant. That's when her passion for archaeology was kindled and she yearned to join her father and older brother on their excavations. The idea of adventure excited her.

By the time she was 14, her desire burned brighter than ever before, and she was allowed to come and help with an excavation. On this excavation, they were lucky. They found a book buried in the sands. It was odd, though, that it was discovered like that. It seemed as though it was once in someone's possession, but it was lost or thrown away. It was extremely old, the pages were brown and torn. Even a few pages were torn out and it was filled with drawings of mysterious magic circles. Sunlight was very interested in the drawings of the book. They brought the book home to study it further.

Contract With a DevilEdit

During the night, she locked herself up in her father's study to take a look at the strange book again. She flipped through its contents. Apparently the circles drawn within the book were magic circles. Circles used to call forth magical or spirital energy, and in some cases creatures. The circle that matched her pendant was labeled as a summoning circle, a circle used as a gate to another world. This fascinated her, just imagining another world... She glanced at her pendant, which she held in her hands. How could such a small circle be a gate? What sort of creature could she possibly call forth? The book did not specify what creature would be summoned through such a circle. Most of the information appeared to be torn out of the book. She flipped through the pages to find more information on summoning.

The basic principles appeared to be same, so she decided to give it a try. Her curiousity drove her. She just had to see what sort of creature would come forth from the gate. She closed her eyes and held her hands over her pendant and focused her energy. "I, who have opened the gate to the other world, call forth the mightiest creature, in my own name..." The circle on the pendant shone vigorously. Was it working? Sunlight realized that her choice of words might have not been the best... What if this creature was too much to handle? She began to panic.

Suddenly a blue light flooded the room. Sunlight blinked a few times to regain her eyesight and saw a regal looking figure that looked human. But the figure had icy eyes, pointed ears, and bat-like wings. The devilish woman glanced around. "Where am I? This is not my mansion..."

All Sunlight could do was stare. She called forth the mightiest creature, and yet this woman appeared before her... The devil glared at Sunlight, "Child... was it you who disturbed my slumber?" Sunlight was caught off guard, "Y-yes. I mean... I didn't mean to call you..." The devil folded her arms. Her piercing blue eyes sent a chill down Sunlight's spine.

"Well, send me home then and maybe I'll spare your life..." Sunlight shook her head. "I-I'm not quite sure how... Where is your home?" The devil was taken aback. "What?! And you call yourself a summoner?!" "Well, I was just... experimenting..." The devil did not look pleased. "Experimenting? I'm part of your experiment...? Why I ought to kill you now." Sunlight backed up a few steps. "Please, I will find a way to send you back home. Just tell me who you are and where you came from..." The devil raised an eyebrow. "All right then, child... My name is Princess Sariah, daughter to the Overlord of the netherworld, Valdium."

Sunlight was quite shocked. She remembered her brother reading to her stories of demons from netherworlds. "So, you're a demon princess...?" Sariah nodded, "Quite right, child... Now, find a way to take me home." Sunlight flipped through the pages of her book. "Ummm..." She couldn't find anything about reversing the affects of a summon.

"Okay, Sariah. Just give me time. I will find a way to take you home." Sunlight forced a smile. Sariah did not look pleased and sighed, "You are quite a useless child, aren't you?" Sunlight didn't know how to respond, but she held up her pendant to the demon. "What is this?" Sariah took a look at what Sunlight was presenting to her. "A pendant...?" Sariah reached out to touch the pendant, and the moment her fingertips reached it, she was absorbed inside. Was she sent home?

Sunlight looked at the pendant and saw one of the smaller circles near the edge started glowing a dark blue. Sunlight flipped through the book again. She could not find much, but she thought it might have been a sign. A sign of a contract. Since this accidental summon, Sariah was now bound to Sunlight by a contract.

Meaning of the ContractEdit

Now that she was bound to the demon princess, what could that possibly mean?

The old book she found with her father and brother told nothing about contracts with demons. But perhaps it was similar to contracts with other creatures. Creatures bound by a contract were not allowed to leave the summoner's side once summoned. Plus, creatures who had contracts were not allowed to form multiple contracts. So, Sariah may not be able to go very far without her once summoned.

She decided to test this during the night again. This time she snuck out of the house. She summoned Sariah again. The demon princess did not look pleased. "You again? Why must you always disturb me while I rest?" "Because, I am your master now, and I can call you whenever I desire." Sunlight gave a devilish grin. "You! Don't be absurd. What utter rubbish. You sent me home." "Maybe, but we are still bound, I think. Just try to leave me behind while you're in my world." The princess pouted. "Fine! Hmph!" Sariah started walking away, but once she was twenty feet away, she collapsed. "What is this...?" She grasped at her chest.

"That must be the contract." Sunlight approached Sariah, and Sariah's pain was soon relieved. "Ugh... to be bound to you..." "So, will you aid me if ever I should call on you?" "Ha. You're only a weak child. We may be bound by a contract, but I don't have to help you... But... If you prove that you are worthy, I may help you in the future. You might make a good servant." "Servant...?"

Although, Sunlight did not want to be a demon's servant, she did like the idea of being a summoner. This meant that she could explore places that were far too dangerous for normal people. The very idea of such adventures made the young cat ecstatic.

Days of TrainingEdit

To prove herself worthy as a master, Sunlight decided to study and learn martial arts. Her brother already had an interest, so she was able to train alongside him. They did not speak to each other much during their practice sessions, but she grew closer to her brother during those days. Whenever her brother was away, she still kept up with her training.

Occasionally she would summon Sariah in secret from time to time to tell her how the training was going. Sariah was rather impressed with her sudden growth in strength. But she was still reluctant to help.

Only a year had passed. Sunlight was 15.

To Prove OneselfEdit

Sunlight brooded over how she was to prove herself to Sariah for quite some time. She couldn't simply wait to gain the demon's trust. She wanted to witness Sariah's powers. Could Sariah really have been the "mightiest creature"? After a few days of deep thinking, Sunlight came up with a plan. She looked at her pendant and smiled. Her plan was to take action the next day.

Sunlight dressed up in her desert cloak and made sure she had enough water cantines with her. Her father and brother were already out trying to discover something new to study, so she told her mother she was headed out to join them. Her mother wished her well and to be safe, Sunlight thanked her and was on her way. But she did not join her father and brother, she headed out in the opposite direction.

Once the small town was out of sight she summoned Sariah again. The demon princess placed her hands on her hips and looked quite scornful. "What is it this time?" Sunlight's face was glowing. "I'm finally going to prove myself to you as a worthy master." Sariah looked annoyed and muttered, "You mean servant..." Sunlight ignored that line and prepared to summon once again. "Wait... What are you-?!" "I'm going to summon a creature and defeat it! Once I do, surely you'll help me, correct?" "Well..." Sariah's face was now full of concern, but Sunlight began another summoning.

"I, who have opened the gates of Valdium, call forth the most fearsome creature, in my own name...!" Just like before the circle on the pendant shone brillantly. This time a creature was revealed in a red light. Sunlight and Sariah gazed at the newly summoned creature. "............." They were both struck by silence.

"Why did I just summon a little girl...?" Sunlight put a finger to her cheek. The demon girl was outraged. "Hey! Who do you think you are?! First you call me here, then you call me a little girl?! I have you know, I'm a powerful woman. I'm the Gorgeous Goddess, Shree!" Although the demon referred to herself as a woman, she only had the appearance of a fourteen-year-old. But her eyes looked glaring and her fangs were always showing. Her bat-like wings were quite small compared to Sariah's, probably because she was younger.

Sunlight laughed nervously, "Heheh. Right..." She turned to Sariah. "I summoned the most fearsome creature... and this is what I got..." She sighed. "Maybe my skills as a summoner still need to be sharpened afterall." Shree's mouth curled into a twisted smile. "Fearsome, huh? Believe me... I am a demon to be feared... for one day I'll be the goddess of all demons!" Shree bursted out into shrieking cackles.

Sunlight seemed to doubt Shree. "Sariah, I'm going to end this right now! I'm going to beat this little demon girl!" She got into a fighting stance. The young demon looked disgusted by Sunlight. "Hey! You'll address me by my proper name... It's 'Gorgeous Goddess'!" Sunlight simply said, "No." That made Shree extremely upset. "H-how dare you! You'll regret ever summoning me, you little brat!"

Shree's anger rose, a fire was burning in her eyes. Sunlight charged in for the first attack. Shree's expression changed to a smirk. In the next moment, Shree blocked Sunlight's kick with a large spear that appeared out of nowhere. "Ahahahaha~! You have to do better than that, brat!" She thrusted forward, pushing Sunlight to the ground. "Ugh..." Shree's wild laughter filled the air. "Awww... come on. This is just too easy." She pointed the spear at Sunlight's neck. That twisted grin appeared on her face once more. "I guess this is 'good bye'~!" Before Shree could grant the finishing blow, she was showered with icicles. "Eek! What the-?!"

Sariah stepped forward. "I will not allow the likes of you to hurt this child." Shree smirked again, "So... you want to die too? Sure! That can be arranged!" She raised her arms up high and the sky started turning a dark red.

Sunlight was exhausted and felt that her power was draining more and more. "Stop!" She clutched her pendant. "Go away!" "Eh?" Shree than disappeared into a light and was absorbed into the pendant just like when Sunlight first met Sariah. Another circle on the pendant's edge started to glow, this time, red. Sunlight collasped and was breathing deeply.

"Haah... That girl was scary..." Sariah kneeled by her side. "That was a rather foolish thing to do." "Heh. I guess so, but you protected me. Thank you." Sariah tinted pink. "Y-you're not supposed to thank a demon... and besides... What good would you be if you were dead?" Sunlight smiled. "For a demon, you're really nice." "St-stop saying things like that!" Sariah seemed to be even more embarassed. "So, this means you will assist me if I were to call on you, yes?" Sariah looked slightly annoyed. "I suppose so. I don't want a servant to die needlessly." "Well, I can't keep you here for much longer... It's time for me to send you home." "What? But are you going to be okay like that?" "Yeah. I'll be fine." Sunlight nodded and held her pendant. Sariah disappeared into a white light.

"It's time for me to head home as well." Sunlight struggled to get up and was slowly regaining her strength. She was starting to understand how summoning could have a strain on her own body. Then she headed home. When she got home she told her family that she got lost on her way to the site her father and brother were working at, but she luckily found her way home.

City of the SandsEdit

A few weeks after Sunlight turned 17, the family moved to the northern region of the desert. She overheard her father talking to her brother about an ancient civilization that once inhabited this very desert. Even though this civilization lived thousands of years in the past, it has been said that some of their technology surpassed current technology. According to her father's research and findings, he estimated the location of the civilization's city to be somewhere near their new home, somewhere beneath the sands of time. It was difficult for her brother to argue back, since he saw the excitement in their father's eyes. So, he agreed to help search for the ancient city, no matter what the odds were and they went out to begin their search.

Sunlight thought about the ancient city, and envisioned it in her head. Technology that even surpassed current technology... It would certainly be an amazing discovery. But how deep was this city buried in the sea of sand? Could it be within their grasp? There were a couple of questions that floated around in her head. She thought about them in her room and flipped her pendant between her fingers out of habit. Then she glanced down at it and gave a little smile. She decided she would search for the city herself, with the aid of demons, it might be possible after all...

Later that day, her father and brother returned empty-handed. They would continue their search the next day. Sunlight really wanted to find that ancient city for her father. The map of the desert was in the study room. She took a peak at it when her father left the study and saw an "x" marked in pen north of the town. It only seemed to be an hour's journey by foot, so she packed what she needed for that night.

After her family went to sleep, she took the map from the study and headed out with a lamp and the moonlight to help her find her way. Once she arrived at her destination, she summoned Sariah. Sariah yawned, "What is it that you need this time?" Her icy blue eyes shifted towards Sunlight. "I'm going on an adventure to find a lost city. I thought you might help out." "Help? What kind of help do you need?" "Well, the city is buried somewhere arou-" Sariah looked appalled. "What?! Are you planning on making me dig through the sand like some dog?!" She crossed her arms and turned away. "Hmph! I will never get my hands dirty. I am a princess, afterall. Get someone else to do it... like a wind demon! I'm sure a strong one could blow all this sand away."

Actually, it didn't sound like a bad idea. "I think I will. Thanks Sariah!" Sunlight smiled at the demon princess. Sariah blushed a bit, "There is no need for you to thank me... I am a demon, afterall..." Sunlight ignored that last statement and started to summon a new demon. "I, who have opened the gates of Valdium, call forth the strongest wind demon, in my own name...!" This time a demon was revealed in a green light.

He looked only slightly older than Sariah, and looked almost human. If he did not have pointy ears and wings on his back, he would easily be mistaken for a human. The demon boy looked around, disorientented. "Where am I? What happened?" Sunlight approached him. "I summoned you.... to request for your assistance." Sariah came closer and also spoke, "Yes, we would like it if you helped us." "A-ahhh..." His eyes glanced forth between them both. "You're... you're... girls...?" The demon's face flushed a deep red. Sariah blinked, "Hmmm... is that a problem?" "Ahh... he's probably just shy." Sunlight answered then continued, "Anyway, my name is Sunlight and this is Sariah. What is your name?" The demon regained his composure for a moment. "My name is Adil. So, you need my help?" Both girls nodded. Adil looked uneasy. "Well, I can't refuse those who need my help. That just wouldn't be right." Sunlight looked a little confused. Adil was remarkably kind for a demon. "Really?" Adil nodded, "Yes... So, what is it that you need me to do?" Sariah gave him the order, "Blow away the sand with your wind." Sunlight looked a little aggravated. She was the one who summoned Adil, shouldn't she be the one to call the shots?

Adil broke out in a nervous sweat, "Y-yes, M'am!" As he was casting his wind spell the wind began to pick up and swirl around him. Sunlight held on tightly to her cloak and Sariah had her hands over her chest. A glowing green magic circle appeared beneath Adil's feet. "Gigas Wind!" He extended out his hand and that was the direction were the incredible wind blew.

Once the wind dissipated a dark entrance was revealed in the moonlight. Sunlight came closer to take a better look at it with the lamp. It was a dark and sandy stairway that led underground. Could this be it? The entrance to the city? She started to go down the stairs, "Come on you two!" She called. "Don't order me around!" Sariah retorted but followed Sunlight anyway. Adil followed behind quietly and shyly. Nearing the bottom of the stairway, there was a light. Was there someone else there? The three continued on to the bottom. Sunlight put her lamp away, as it was not needed anymore. They found an underground city, but for some reason it was bright down here. It looked like this city was lit by the light on the sun itself. Could this have been the city her father was searching for?

The two demons looked around and seemed amazed themselves. "I've never seen anything like this before..." Adil kept turning around to look at the scenery. "This world is certainly a mysterious place. Where are all the people?" Sariah wondered. "I'm not sure what happened to the people who onced lived here, but there are a few theories..." Sunlight explained, "The theory that suggests the civilization was wiped out by a plague seems to be the most popular... According to my father's notes." "Heheh. I wouldn't want to catch that disease..." Adil laughed nervously. "That sounds awful..." Sariah looked as though she felt sorry for the people.

Sunlight looked around, the city was beautiful, and surrounded by flowing water. To think something like this was buried so deeply, Sunlight felt like she was in a dream. The buildings did show signs of their age, as they appeared quite frail. But what Sunlight wanted to see the most was what was creating the artificial light. They found the object at the city's center.

A small, orange orb that seemed to resemble the sun itself floated on a pedestal. It emitted the light that was strong enough to fill the entire area with light. This might have been some of that lost technology, Sunlight thought. She had never seen anything this incredible before. But the light the orb emitted was not blinding.

The three approached the orb. Sunlight's eyes sparkled. "This is amazing! I wonder how the people created such a thing to light their city?" Sariah looked at Sunlight, "Are you going to take it home?" Adil looked shocked, "Take it home?! But... I think it should stay here." "Don't worry, Adil." Sunlight smiled, "Nobody is here, so it will be fine if I take it." Adil sighed, "It just seems like you are making an excuse for yourself... Besides, taking it just wouldn't be right." "Aww... come on, Adil. This is all for the sake of research." "I have a feeling I can't win this argument..." Adil sighed. "Well, let's just take it and go. Without any people around here, this place is quite boring." Sariah said.

Sunlight wanted to explore the city more, but she had to had back soon. She wanted to get back before dawn. She carefully lifted the orange, shining orb, but it was hot to touch, "Ahhh!" She dropped it and the sphere rolled off the pedestal. "Are you all right?" Adil asked. Sariah just stared at the rolling sphere, she was surprised it didn't shatter. It looked so fragile.

"I'm okay." Sunlight looked at her hands, the heat only burnt through her gloves. Sariah kept an eye on the sphere, it appeared the energy inside was shaken up as rolled. The other two looked over to see where the orb rolled off to. The orb stopped against a nearby building and the mixed up energy caused the orb to explode. "AHHH!" The explosion wasn't massive, but it was very startling. Even worse, the building was beginning to crack and fall apart. The ground started to shake and the ceiling was also starting to crack.

"We have to get out of here!" Adil shouted. They began to run towards the exit. "Ugh... There isn't much time. If the ceiling crumbles on us, we'll all be done for." Sunlight didn't spend too much time thinking about it. The spells the demons knew may be able to prevent the rocks from falling, but it would be too time consuming. "I, who have opened the gates of Valdium, call forth the strongest warrior, in my own name...!" In a black light, a new demon was revealed. He looked perplexed, but when he looked above, he saw giant rocks coming down. He jumped up to slash them all and turned them to dust with his greatsword.

"This way!" Sunlight pulled the new demon by his jacket, even though he was still confused and looked rather displeased, he willingly followed, cutting through rocks and debris that blocked their way. They all made it out.

Sunlight appeared to be the most tired of them all. The new demon spoke. "What's the big idea. Why would anyone bother me... Overlord Malik?!" "Ov-overlord?!" The others said in unison. "He's the Overlord of Valdium?!" Adil looked shocked. "Wait... that would mean he's your father... right, Sariah? But he looks younger than you...." Sunlight turned to Sariah. "Hmmm... but my father goes by a different name. Or so I thought..." Sariah replied. Adil was surprised to learn this. "You're the Overlord's daughter?!"

Malik tapped his foot in impatience. "What are you all babbling about?! I'm no one's father! And I'm not the Overlord of Valdium..." "So, what are you doing in Valdium?" Sariah asked. "Are you planning on killing my father...? Well... I won't allow it!" "It's nothing like that! I'm just looking for my vassal. That's all! She ditched me and went to your world. I'll never forgive her..."

Sunlight spoke before Malik could continue any more. "Well, I thank you for your help, you really saved us back there." "What?!" The young demon king was taken aback. "I only did that to prevent myself from getting crushed! Besides, you're the one who put me in that situation to begin with!" He looked steamed. "I guess that's true. Sorry about that." Malik had no idea how to reply to an apology. "Just... don't do that... ever again." Malik looked away. "Well, I can't guarantee that." Sunlight teased. "What?!" Malik glared. "I'll summon you whenever I want." She gave a sly smile. "Why... you..." "See ya~!" She sent Malik back.

"He doesn't seem very pleasant." Adil had a nervous sweat. "Well, it's about time for me to send you two back. Adil... I can count on you too if I need any help, right?" Adil rubbed the back of his head. "Well, I can't refuse to help. That just wouldn't be right..." Sunlight smiled. "Okay!" And she sent them both back to their world. Having three demons out made her quite tired. But she made it back home. She put out her lamp and had collapsed near the door.

Time of IllnessEdit

Her brother was the first one awake the following morning and found her. "Sunny...?" By looking at her, he could tell she went out in the desert last night. He turned her over and shook her a bit to wake her up, but it was no good. He put a hand to her forehead. She was burning up. He knew that he had to get her to a doctor as soon as possible, so he scooped her up and headed out to the doctor that was in town.

Unfortunately, the disease was something the doctor had never seen before. Her condition seemed quite severe, but there was nothing that he could do. The doctor left the room so the two could be alone. Her brother held her hand, "Sunny..." She began to wake up. "Brother...?" She looked at him and smiled. "I... found it... but it... fell." He looked surprised. "Found it? You mean that city? You went to look for it by yourself? You... idiot..." "Sorry... it's gone now..." "You can explain later... Just get better." "Yes..." She closed her eyes.

Her brother got up and went to talk to the doctor. Since there was really nothing the doctor could do her brother took her home and placed her on her own bed. He closed the door slowly and went to tell their parents what was going on.

Sunlight got up and stumbled to the door. She locked it. She sat on her bed and summoned the three demons again, even if they could not be out for long in her weakened state. "What is it this time?" Sariah put her hands on her hips and turned around. "You don't look too good." Adil said. "Why did you call me here too?" Malik folded his arms. "I guess I got sick when we were at the city. Maybe this is the disease that wiped out the civilization..." Sunlight speculated. "!" The demons were shocked.

"Are you going to be all right?" Sariah looked rather worried. "I'm not sure. There doesn't seem to be a cure." She gave a weak smile. "I will not just stand by when someone needs my help. There has to be something we can do." Adil said. "Yes... I will not let my servant die!" Despite what she said, she looked like she was about to cry.

"Bah, why should I care?" Malik appeared indifferent to the situation. "Although, I wouldn't want someone worthless like you to die because I didn't do anything..."

"So, you'll help her?" Sariah asked. "I guess..." Malik avoided eye contact. "I'm glad you would all like to help me... but... I was worried about all of you... None of you are sick... are you?" The three of them shook their heads. "That's... good." Sunlight was relieved. Perhaps demons could not pick up the disease.

"But how do you expect to help me...?" She asked them. The three demons were stuck in thought, but Malik remembered something. "Mother made me a 'Cure-All' medicine when I was sick once. There was some left over that I had always kept, but that damn vassal of mine stole it when she ditched me! Damn that Shree!" Shree sounded familiar to Sunlight and to Sariah too.

"Shree...? I've heard that name before." Sariah said. Then Sunlight remembered. How could she forget such a vile demon child? She looked at her pendant. Shree's circle was still glowing red. Even though she hadn't summoned her since then, it seemed like the contract was still intact.

"I can get her for you... Malik..." Sunlight spoke. "Hmhmhm... Well, this just makes my search for her a whole lot quicker. I guess you're not so bad afterall." She returned Sariah and Adil to their planet and summoned Shree to talk to Malik.

The demon girl looked around. "What the...?!" She noticed Malik standing before her. "Malik!" His arms were folded and his foot tapped on the floor impatiently. "It's about time I found you! And you should address me properly as your Overlord!" "No way! It doesn't suit you." "Why you-!"

Sunlight started to cough. "Hmmm...?" Shree looked at Sunlight and gave a devilish grin. "Well, well... if it isn't the brat..." Shree cackled, "Looks like she's on her deathbed. How tragic..." Her last two words were dripping with sarcasm.

Malik tapped his foot impatiently again. "Forget her! You're talking to me!" "Oh... right~! Right~! What is it you want, Malik?" "Dammit Shree! You're my vassal. How dare you run off to another world! And you have something that's mine..." He extended his hand out. "Oh, you must mean this...?" She pulled out a fancy bottle. "But I knew you wouldn't want your dear old vassal to get ill. Besides your dear mother could always make you some more."

"Like hell! I don't care what happens to you. And she made it for me. So, it's mine!" He snatched the bottle from her. "Jeez, calm down. What's the rush?" "N-nothing..." Shree smirked. "Oh~! You're going give it to her...? I never knew you were such a softie." "I'm not doing it because I want to! Besides... She's the reason I found you... And it would just be embarassing to be indebted to her, so..." "All right, Malik... whatever you say..." "Shut up!" Malik walked over to Sunlight.

"Done with... your chit-chat?" Sunlight teased. "Just shut up and drink it..." Malik poured the medicine in the cap and let Sunlight drink it. It caused Sunlight to fall asleep and the two demons disappeared in a light and were sent back to Valdium.

Later, Sunlight was awakened by her mother knocking on the door. "Dear, are you all right? Please, open the door." Sunlight blinked a few times to regain her vision. She didn't feel ill anymore. The medicine must have worked. She felt refreshed and renewed.

She opened the door for her mother. "Yes, I'm all right now." "Oh, thank goodness." Her mother hugged her. Her brother came by and looked quite surprised. "You're better already?" "Heheh. Guess I just needed a lot of rest." Sunlight smiled innocently. "But you still have a lot of explaining to do..." Her brother said.

She told her family the story of the city and it's collapse. Her father seemed a bit disappointed. "Ohhh... how I have longed to see that city. But I guess that sort of technology wasn't meant to be in our hands..." "Thank goodness you're all right!" Her mother hugged her again. "Thanks." She smiled. But her brother looked at her with piercing eyes. He knew there was more to her story. But he let it slide...

Farewell, BrotherEdit

A few days later, Sunlight started going out to help her father and brother dig up artifacts. She enjoyed it, but she couldn't help but notice that her brother seemed rather depressed lately.

When they were training together in the evening, she asked him what was wrong. "Nothings wrong." "Don't be stubborn. You can't hide it from me. I'm your sister." His guard was down, and she kicked him down. "Hey!" She extended a hand to help him up. "Well, that's what you get for not telling me." "..." He still seemed reluctant to tell her what he was feeling. "Is it because of me? You must have been really worried when I got sick." "Well, yes... I was afraid we were going to lose you. It's a miracle you're still alive. But I am glad." He gave a nervous smile.

"Oh, but it's more than that." "!" He seemed surprised. "Ever since we moved, I noticed you haven't been so happy... but now more than ever... So, what happened?" He felt that there was no way he could get himself out of it, so he told her. In their previous home, he had fallen in love with a girl. He was quite embarassed to admit it, but he had been thinking about this girl everyday. But he didn't want to leave the family either.

"Oh, you are so silly. You know you should go after her! Pursue your dream! That's what father always says, right?" "But... What about you, Mother, and Father? Are you all going to be all right?" Sunlight nodded. "We'll miss you, but we can take care of ourselves. We should be worried about you. Can you take care of yourself?" "Of course I can. But I still don't think you could..." "Maybe not... but... Let me show you something... Come with me." She decided to show him her power. Maybe then he would feel that she could take care of herself.

She took him to a place where there was no one around. "What are you going to show me, Sunny?" "Sshhh... It's super secret." She put a finger to her lips. "Just watch." She took out her pendant. "That's the pendant Mother gave you... But it looks different." "I found out what it does. Check it out!" She started to summon a new demon. "I, who have opened the gates of Valdium, call forth the silliest creature, in my own name...!" With this, she knew the creature she would summon would be completely harmless.

Her brother watched in awe as a creature was revealed in a golden light. It was another demon, but he didn't look silly at all. The young man was clad in dark armor and looked quite fearsome, really.

"Sunlight... what in the world?!" "This is what my pendant can do... but..." The demon looked around. "Hey, who are you?" He pointed at them both. "We don't want any trouble, but if you touch my sister, I won't hold back." Her brother got defensive. "Oh... so it's a fight you want?! I, the Black Paladin won't hold back!" He drew his broadsword that looked amazingly heavy. "Brother, be careful... he looks strong."

The Black Paladin came in with a downward swing and her brother caught the blade between his hands. "Ehhh...? This... feels like... cardboard..." "YAH! YAH! YAH!" The demon kept swinging the fake blade around, but her brother just stood there, taking the hits with an annoyed look on his face. Sunlight stood there thinking that maybe "silliest creature" wasn't too far off afterall.

"Come on... you're supposed to die..." The Black Paladin muttered to the brother. "It takes more than a piece of cardboard to kill me." "No. No. No. Just pretend. For the camera." The brother raised an eyebrow in confusion. "There is no camera..." The demon looked around. "What? Where's the camera crew?"

Sunlight explained, "Oh, you're in a different world. I summoned you." "Summoned...? So...? Darn it! All those great shots of me in action weren't filmed after all..." Her brother looked rather annoyed with the Black Paladin. "Filmed... you're just a movie star." "Yes! Aster the Black Paladin! The greatest action hero of all time~! I'm sure you have heard of me..." They both responded. "Never." "What?! Ugh... I seem to get that a lot nowadays. Everyone knew my name hundreds of years ago..." "Well, we are from a different world than you." Sunlight explained. "Oh... so, what did you call me for...? Do you need me to protect you from some vile creature or something?!" "No. Just to cheer my brother up." Sunlight grinned. "But... that's no fun." Aster pouted. "I've seen enough, sis..." Her brother seemed rather displeased with looking at this demon.

"Okay. Well, I'll send you back home now. Later... maybe..." Aster was sent back to his homeworld. "The ability to summon demons..." Her brother said under his breath. "I'm actually quite impressed. So, this isn't your first time, is it?" Sunlight shook her head. "Nope." "I see... It must have been the demons that cured your illness, right?" Sunlight nodded. "Yes, to be honest, they helped me. And when the city fell apart, it was because of them I got out alive. So, you see... Even if you go. I think we will be fine." She smiled.

He sighed. "I still can't help but worry." "I'm grown up now. It might be time that I go my own way too. There's still a lot I want to learn about summoning and demons." Sunlight said with a small smile. "Just promise me that you'll take care of yourself." Sunlight nodded. "I will, brother."

After they returned home her brother spoke with their parents and told them that he was going off on his own. Their parents wished him luck and hope he would take care. With that Sunlight and her brother bid their farewells with a smile.

Current HistoryEdit

Ever since her brother left, he sent the family letters of how he has been doing. Sunlight had still been living with her parents and helping her father despite what she told her brother a few years back. But her 20th birthday was coming up and it was about time that she went her own way too. There had to be places beyond the desert that she could find more information about demons and summoning. She had always imagined exploring the world since she was small.

After she turned 20, she decided to tell her parents that she would start her own travels. They were quite sad to see their child go, but they wished her the best of luck and hoped that she would have a safe journey. She promised to write to them just like her brother and she left. And so she began her journey beyond the desert....


Sunlight has the ability to summon demons from a world called Valdium.

  • Sariah
  • Shree
  • Adil
  • Malik
  • Aster