Willow Village was a peaceful settlement located on the southern American continent. Now it is an empty village, all its residents dead.

The village lay nestled in a grove of willow trees, from which it recieved its name. In the center of the village is a small hill where the light of the sun forms visible rays shining onto the earth.

The people of Willow were happy, peaceful villagers who lived in harmony with the land, in silent worship of the grove and their god. They tended to the trees and the land around them, never venturing far into the swamps to the south where evil was rumored to dwell. They farmed the fields to the north, and maintained a peaceful existence without needing to deal with the outside world.

A terrible tragedy befell Willow, when a blind traveller stumbled upon it. He came from the south, and though they were afraid, the people offered him shelter. In one night, the traveller named Blood Transem, the SIN of Rage, slaughtered the entire village, their blood staining the hill in the center of town. Their bodies have never been found.